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Tab Appreciation

 Just finished my 'Tabrett Appreciation' hope it turns out great :)
 I sent a graphic that took me forever -_-; and a letter that I tried to not sound like a fangirl who would crawl to Sydney from Albury to meet her O.o
Cara, Lesbian's line up here, Tabrett Bethell

Make Me Wanna Die

Title: Make Me Wanna Die
Rating: PG
Pairing: Cara/Dahlia
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Author's Note: I LOVE Cara/Dahlia, my all time favourite TV couple atm. I almost cried when she died but then Zedd "saved" her and I was like "no - nah-uh, not FAIR I liked her the way she was" BUT I believe IF season 3 ever comes back they should so bring her back in it. Hehe, Dahlia in a dress :P
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Protect Me From What I Want

Title: Protect Me From What I Want
Rating: G-PG
Character: Elisabeth, Unnamed Mord'Sith
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Author's Note: Haven't put my story on just yet, but yah feeling a bit down so I thought I'd write something to fit my mood.

Collapse )y, "I didn't mean to cry on you." She smiles softly and drags it down my legs wondering how many different noises I can make.

Reading Sword of Truth series

Just finished reading the first book in the 'Sword of Truth' series by Terry Goodkind, 'Wizards First Rule' BLOODY AMAZING! Each chapter something exciting, or terrifying happened to the point that I was scared that if I put down the book I'd miss it.
Of course, it IS a book and I CAN go back a read (haha) still. Amazing, I'm now reading Stone of Tears, starts just hours after the event. Both seem to differ quite far from the Legend of the Seeker series, and as I read I'm like 'oh I prefer this to the series! or But the series portrays THAT better' like the Con dar (blood rage) MUCH better in the tv series in my opinion, but I prefer Denna in the book. Just saying.

Also, finished my - 2 HOUR! - English exam (yay!) now I just have to worry about Extension English, Drama, PDI, Maths, Visual Arts and Ancient History. Yay :(