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Title: Average (Addicted)
Rating: M
Pairing: Ilyria/Eve
Fandom: N/A
Author's Note: Thanks Kelly Clarkson. I thought I hated this song... I don't, I just didn't understand it :P

She can be anyone I want her to be. Can look like anyone, sound exactly like them- act exactly like them.

"Leather?" She looks down at the outfit and runs her fingers over it as she tosses the blonde hair from her eyes with a flick of her head. "Original or secondary? Maybe princess?" She turns around and is in the pink dress. I shake my head and she's back in the leather.

Eve is a fantasy in my mind. Brought on by a mental illness or something else. She's not real because....
... it's impossible.

"Ria." Her voice sounds demanding, just like hers. Fingers are on my waist and she pulls me to her, dropping her lips to my neck. A single kiss tainted with a bite before she pulls back. Her eyes upon my own. "I want you." I close my eyes and lose myself within her touch. My fingers run briefly through her hair before I just hold onto her.

We're moving, turning and falling.

My skirt unzips and falls to the ground before she raised my legs onto her hips and lifts me up off the ground. 

She makes me forget - my Eve. She holds me in my darkest days and whispers me the answers. Her voice moans my names between my sheets, and sings me lullabies as I sleep. 

"'Ria..." Her voice catches, a hot breath blows onto my neck and I push her further to the edge as she pulls me towards her once more. 

This is a fantasy, a hopeful dream I create to escape my plain existence. A life with a loving family. With a C+ average grade. With friends who I talk to. I'm average. There's nothing extraordinary about me except her. The worst thing you can call a person is Average.


When I make her scream my name.


When I make her beg.


I feel special. Different. 
Tags: eve, ilyria
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