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Gravity of Love

Title: Gravity of Love
Rating: PG
Pairing: Cara/Dahlia
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Author's Note: I *should* be cleaning the house... especially the dishes... but this was begging to be written :)
Anyway, basically this is when they were teens and at the middle of their "training". A lil' fluff piece.
She was leaning against the wall, her chest heavy with breaths and her eyes shut with exhaustion over the pain she'd induced. Her bare hand went to knock on the door but instead landed a dull thud before sliding down. It didn't matter, Dahlia heard it anyway. She came to the door and opened it. 

"Cara?" She grabbed the girl as she fell into her arms, bruises covering her body from the day. 

"'S only a few years left Dahl," She murmured into the woman's arms. "Then we'll be the one giving the pain." She stirred slightly as she tried to right herself only for Dahlia to slap her softly.

"Enough, don't move." She shut the door behind Cara and dragged her to her bed, laying her down upon it as she stripped the woman of all her clothes. 

She wasn't supposed to help Cara, she was supposed to let her deal with the bruises, burns and cuts herself. But she couldn't and had never been able to. Cara protected her as well. They swore when they were children that they'd look out for each other and when she'd found out Cara had been taken as well she'd been filled with joy. Together they dealt through everything, together they found pride within the Mord'Sith training.

"Came to... sorry." 
"Sorry?" Dahlia asked as she rubbed in the balm, wincing as Cara tensed when it touched the wounds. It would stop infections but she still hated to see Cara like this, hated her skin covered in these wounds.

"Denna... sorry...fight." Dahlia raised an eyebrow but continued her work. "Sing?" Cara asked as she drifted into a lulled sleep. Dahlia complied to her wishes and began to sing to her. A slow song that her mother had taught her. She'd never understood the words until recently. "Laying in your arms she whispers mercy, never weak, never soft, she cries for mercy in your arms,"  She sung, "If you tell her you love her, she'll stop crying, crying for your love."

"Don't let them catch you singing Dahl."

"Why?" She asked before returning to humming the tune.

"Cuz it's only for me... and they'll ruin your voice... I like your voice." Dahlia kissed her quickly, feeling the sigh between those strawberry lips before she pulled back. "Promise?"

"I promise Cara, as long as you promise to love me."



Tags: cara, cara/dahlia, dahlia, legend of the seeker, lots
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