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Ok, wow, I haven't posted in AGES - I mean I'm on almost every day but I don't actually post I guess. Anyway, I'm looking for unusual names, if anyone has any that would be great! Thank you.
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Title: Average (Addicted)
Rating: M
Pairing: Ilyria/Eve
Fandom: N/A
Author's Note: Thanks Kelly Clarkson. I thought I hated this song... I don't, I just didn't understand it :P

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My Mum

So my mum is quite techno-savvy, worked out Facebook all by herself, loves her iphone and has recently upgraded to the latest, etc. But she was having trouble with 'Blogger' the website, so I introduced her onto Livejournal.

So, the reason she has a livejournal account is not to post like I do, but to post book reviews, so if you're interested in reading someone's opinions on books to agree, disagree or have another opinion go look her up - but please don't mention me, this in my anonymous account.
So for my mother:

Cleavage, Princess

Gravity of Love

Title: Gravity of Love
Rating: PG
Pairing: Cara/Dahlia
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Author's Note: I *should* be cleaning the house... especially the dishes... but this was begging to be written :)
Anyway, basically this is when they were teens and at the middle of their "training". A lil' fluff piece.
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Going to Sydney for five days to see my Nanna who I love very much :) She has no internet connection so I'll be unable to keep up-to-date sorry. But I'll try my best. But Sydney's good fun so who knows :P